Meet "Emma" can't wait for y'all to see my next film 😁
  • itsashbenzoMeet "Emma" can't wait for y'all to see my next film 😁

  • marypunzel16I love your jacket( Ahh the whole outfit is awesome!)
  • silkywiseOmg I have the same jacket. Love it. Soo warm
  • mireyacalWhere is the jacket and sweater from
  • joleahgold@gmoniehunny like I like this type of shit. Casual and comfy but still cute.. I just have to be skinny first to pull it off
  • obstacle3_Cazzo ti vesti come me!!!! Spring Break ... Spring Break forever!!!
  • mia_wildchildYou look like a H&M model ✨
  • jaxy_ohhhPLEASE I must Know where to find this olive jacket!
  • jaxy_ohhh@silkywise can you please tell me what brand this jacket is? Or where you got it?
  • littlemamasuzI've scoured imdb... What film??!
  • littlemamasuz(And yes, I did look through this many of your photos at 2am πŸ˜πŸŒ€)
  • gia.gutierrezHi😊 I've been trying to get your attention on Instagram I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are. Your like my favorite out of all the pretty liars girls πŸ’• you perfect!! My sister and I have been hooked on pretty little liars for a while nowπŸ‘Œ. And I just wanted to know if you could follow me? Please? It would mean the world to me 😭😭 -from your biggest fan EVER
  • pretty_little_alizBeauty
  • crislermaa😍😍😍😭
  • brookekalusky@mrndlynnn
  • beccabtalkstv@itsashbenzo when will this movie come out? I'm so anxious to see it.
  • four4ngelI LOVE YOU SO MUCH πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–
  • courtney_bunnellWhat is this movie called? I've been waiting to see it! @itsashbenzo and when is it coming out!!!??
  • emsappel@evabazen hier had ze dus nog bruin haar
  • evabazen@emsappel wow best wel lellek
  • courtney_bunnell@itsashbenzo just bought my copy of "Ratter" I loved it! Sends a great message and of course it's amazing bc of Ashley Benson! She's my fav❀️
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