Our #BlackFriday crews are gettin it!!!
  • journeysshoesOur #BlackFriday crews are gettin it!!!

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  • veronicamelendez_Was that in howell mi?
  • journeysshoes@hai_im_veronica_ from stores all over the country!
  • r_joy_pAaahhhhhh! Journeys in Brighton is instafamous!
  • brookepesnellMy store is in this! Yayyyy
  • stoney_buhloneyRepping Journey's 759 in the bottom left corner!! @staciagt5 @journeysshoes
  • veronicamelendez_Ohh cuz the one in the left bottom corner I think is the howell mi one I think I saw that girl there! Lol.
  • cleobbby1346 did the antlers too!!!
  • let_itb_kpWhoop there is Freddy ninjas @5031! NB, Canada!
  • amberj.80So did all the store managers and co managers have to work almost 24 hours straight black Friday? Or was that just my husband's shitty district? A billion dollar company won't even give their employees one day off. If it wasn't for those employees all the big guys on top and your DMs wouldn't be able to enjoy their cushy four day weekend. Journeys is definitely NOT a family company all they care about is making that next dollar! They don't care about their employees they make you work ridiculous hours and push people until they finally have enough and just quit without warning. You can work your as off, meet ask your goals and win all the stupid contests but it's never good enough your always supposed to try harder and do better.
  • laurtaubAnd who doesn't like to "try harder and do better" @4everjohnnysgirl . If you're not doing that, you're doing nothing! Hope your husband killed it today!
  • journeysshoes@4everjohnnysgirl sorry you're not happy. At which mall does your husband work? We'd love to chat with him and his District Manager.
  • amybalI love this job and my company. I live for Black Friday and the chaos of the holidays!!
  • veronica_sallee@staciagt5
  • tffnyhghsI would have to say I loved every bit of the black Friday madness at journeys!! I went from an awesome thanksgiving with my family to tons of entertainment for 26 hours!!!!
  • kaileyyyeahh@4everjohnnysgirl I agree with you COMPLETELY. My gf also work almost 24 hrs straight that night. Her life is completely consumed with working for @journeysshoes. Countless days she has been so exhausted and worn out that she wanted to just quit right there. Why does a co have to work days on end, only receiving a day off every few weeks? Why the hell is it acceptable for the same co to continually outsell the store manager? The store manager that's already ran out multiple employees.. Something is very wrong on the inside, and this corporation really needs to get their shit together.
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