Regram like you mean it. And we mean it @emccoy_9. Nice #SaleSelfie! #Targethaul #blackfriday #regram #latergram
  • targetRegram like you mean it. And we mean it @emccoy_9. Nice #SaleSelfie! #Targethaul #blackfriday #regram #latergram

  • 16foreverhis@czc62 I wasn't at all trying to bash target I love their store its my favorite! But like you said it's everyone's personal opinion!
  • heatherebaumanI work at Target. They asked who wanted to work. The people who are working get time and a half. There are some families who want to make extra money for Christmas etc.
  • nicole___stAmen @czc62
  • grapejazzAmen
  • grapejazzExcellent store please stop bashing
  • grapejazzYou have no idea how big of silly gooses you all sound like for bashing target store
  • grapejazzDamn idiots
  • grapejazzAmen
  • witechoclateShameful Target. Even Menards and Home Depot were nice enough to give their employees time with family until the next morning. Multi-billion dollar company who is greedy and wants the little extra cash. And stupid people who jump at it because they are getting a bargain. No thank you.
  • 16foreverhis@witechoclate yes ma'am👏 you tell them how it is!!!!!!
  • grapejazzAmen
  • grapejazz@whitechocolate amen
  • grangesnycAgreed @grapejazz @witechoclate
  • lindseymericaAs someone who works for Target, they treated us awesome and no one was in the store until 730pm anyway. Most people have eaten by then.
  • bobbby_badassTarget was more organized than I heard other places were I got in and out of course there was a few
  • frajola_11Jjjj
  • bengilopicusI want target in Sweden
  • sassymakcheesyI also work at target and they asked who wanted to work on Black Friday and you didn't have to come in until 7:30p in thanksgiving. Plus they had food all weekend long for employees and prizes for whoever worked Thursday. They treat us really well. I got plenty of time with family.
  • lame_dameWhat I look like when target has everything I love on sale. @kally_sara
  • dxmingoWhen you go all the way in 🍆
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