Happy Thanksgiving to all the families from the Heatles!
  • kingjamesHappy Thanksgiving to all the families from the Heatles!

  • newb410Well done KJ!
  • chadzumockTwitter- @chadzumock
  • cheitomlbI'm around for a cut pa @kingjames hit me
  • bobsziii_officialjó étvágyat!
  • showgo_9CAN U !!!!!!!!!! :)
  • cgc__土豪
  • aidan.stothartAwesome @kingjames
  • cover_tent_umbrella_saleGood
  • weizai886Let's go LBJ ,best wish from ur fan from china
  • ryan.key13Hey good luck on next game
  • ningchenlucasIf u continue playing like that shit .Do not want your third.Its impossible
  • mclovinnn___What team is on ur mind for next year
  • littlesharpLooks yummy
  • followatianbasketball2Have you ever made 1 in the top ten plays?
  • asvp_joneesQuestion why you call your self king 👑👑 @kingjames and y'all better quit playin wit these fools and win another champion ¡!¡ 😬 and bro you to cold to be losing games you and ray-Ray Allen 👑😑
  • cassydotcomEverything 👀 😋😋😋!
  • kaniiyaaI yhink started from the bottom is a true inspiratiob for u u didnt have much as a kid in to run with the ball yourself is awesome and u ran with the ball even with haters talking about u in they still do witch I think it incourages u to be better with all the hate I hope u live your life to the fullest because u wanted to be greatest of all time but you already to me are better than anyone so I hope u continue your journey your #1 fan other than your fam lol
  • shaq_daddy36Dam you been eating to much food. I be saying I be drinking water melon
  • nfl_broadcasterFuck 👎Lebrun james@kingjames
  • itsvarFuck you to, Ching Chong looking ass @nfl_broadcaster
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