The Leafs on the ice for practice in Buffalo on Thursday
  • mapleleafsThe Leafs on the ice for practice in Buffalo on Thursday

  • _charles_85Hahahahahah @alk0903 seriously bro! Fucking hell! Practice boys!!! Practice! Horrible breakdown.... Again! Go leafs go
  • rensworlddWhat's the point? Yesterday was game 7 all over again smdh I'm tired of being let down
  • maddkatt70The more things change the more they stay the same.
  • the6ixgod_7Maybe Carlyle finally realized that they need 2 actually shoot thē puck n not just cycle it all thē time if they actually wanna win
  • tlabelle93Maybe they should work on their defense it's absolutely awful. I would be pissed if I was bernier or Reimer facing 40-50 shots a game
  • henaliparekhLove u guys xx
  • _malibumitch_Get rid of Paul Ranger and Mark Fraser. Paul ranger hasn't played in 10 years or whatever it is and Fraser is slower than a fuckin snail! @torontomapleleafs #tml
  • davereaZero shots on net in 25 minutes of hockey keep up the good work boys @torontomapleleafs
  • beergoats4They need some major practice
  • brianspiers9@mitchwals you don't know much about managing do you. There is a cap and you need players to fill out the roster. They are both defensive players that take the body quite often. Not every player is going to be a future hall of fame inductee. Good job @torontomapleleafs keep up the good work lets get through all the injuries and continue to grow as a power house in the eastern conference.
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  • birdman_bertyMake them do suicides for 60 minutes. Since they don't wanna skate for 60 minutes in a real game. Love my leafs, just need a kick in the ass
  • 721tom721@brianspiers9 get real bud. Keep up the good work? Like what, getting outshot and outworked and hanging our goalies out to dry every damn game? And Ranger is a fucking goof. Id rather see a rookie or young player fucking up than this washed up asshole. Well be lucky to make the playoffs at this rate. And then what? "Good try boys"? Pull your head out of your ass. And I am a diehard Leafs fan.
  • tommygoughDid they practice taking 3rd period shots? Cuz they should...
  • conbom10Going to that game!
  • rousseau9Pucks on net
  • brianspiers9@asap_tommmmy a win is a win at the end of the day doesn't matter the shots or how the win is achieved. Young players are already on the team and the other players were sent down to better their skills for years to come. The leafs are in a playoff spot tied for 4th right now. And if you want to see winning teams without that much goal production look at Boston's goals for... It is less than Toronto's and they are in first in the east right now. Stop being such a downer on a team that is doing good
  • 721tom721@brianspiers9 they lost bud. Check the scoreboard...
  • ryan_ralphI like the leafs as well..........but u need to get your facts straight. The leafs are in sixth place at the moment @brianspiers9
  • ben_c_barlowGO LEAFS GO best team in the world
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