Wishing you and yours a wonderful #Thanksgiving! #Kohls
  • kohlsWishing you and yours a wonderful #Thanksgiving! #Kohls

  • cntnjulTrue and sad @iamcoreyblair
  • live_love_laugh_freshyAwe...that's aweful @iamcoreyblair
  • sharonvisbeenCount your blessings. Even if you dont get time to spend with you family. Be thankful they are still here! @iamcoreyblair
  • leprincess_veeAmen!! ^^
  • triplets3144@iamcoreyblair be happy she had a job
  • jillianhooper@iamcoreyblair exactly what I was thinking
  • jdamico2012I am not shopping at kohl's on Thanksgiving. It is WRONG to make people work on this day. What's next, Christmas? Are we really that shallow? This culture of Buy Buy Buy needs to stop. I enjoy shopping sometimes but not at the price of credit card debt. Not at the price of people having to sacrifice time with their families. It's wrong. WRONG.
  • ollie_maeThank you ^^^^
  • kim_mum1222Agree^^^^^ happy Thanksgiving!!!
  • ms_sueellenI say to everyone who is lucky enough to have to go work today be thankful you have job. I just found a job after a year and half of not working and if working today ment I had more hours I would do it.
  • cakemaker74Calm down, the associates have a choice whether to work or not. Don't make Kohl's out to be a bad place to work!
  • meowitsmagicNo, some of us don't have a choice to work today. My time with my family was cut short because they are money hungry. I don't agree at all. They'll be lucky if I show up tonight.
  • ritan35We are complaining about the president very passionately. I just think families should be allowed a holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • kananithekatI chose to work tonight. Kohl's isn't making me. Never turn down extra pay. Plus my family is in a different state.
  • tnshoegal100Lets get back to the original statement....Happy Thanksgiving!
  • live_love_laugh_freshyLet's make sure it never has to be a choice or crucial to work retail on Thatnksgiving...I love shopping at Kohls...I'm a MVP...but to be open on Thanksgiving is disturbing...at the least....disappointed in you @kohls... everyone as choices, even the top dog at Kohls
  • loving_life1225lu@kohls happy thanksgiving..im happy to have a job but not happy to work on family time...
  • micheleoakessI will not be shopping tonight!!
  • alsebensHow can you say happy thanksgiving and then be open thanksgiving. How hypocritical. I will be avoiding kohls and all stores that opened today. Glad I don't work for kohls
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