Our marching band drumming up the excitement downtown #macysparade #thanksgiving
  • macysOur marching band drumming up the excitement downtown #macysparade #thanksgiving

  • pennoulitsa@sofouli
  • marya1127Let the parade begin #thanksgiving#macysparade
  • kyky.nonoYeah I'm going there right now! Happy thanksgiving people!
  • fashion.amourHi
  • allysonbaneThat drumline doe. 👍
  • noni2popiI thank God for amazing west coast weather 😜
  • kkmw26Watching it
  • itsamouthfull@macys I'm loving the real time shots of the parade!!! Awesome!!!
  • wentz.33.shelbywatching it
  • hornermaria@karingraca vocês vão?
  • denisesdesigns@macys The JP TARAVELLA HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND in CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA needs to be invited to this parade!!! I
  • denisesdesigns@macys thank you for considering inviting the JP TARAVELLA MARCHING BAND from Coral Springs,FL 🙏👍😊The Band just came home from FMBC STATES competition and placed 2nd!!!! They are truly amazing & are so deserving of this honor! Wishing you all a Joyous Holiday Season & thank you for your endless devotion to bringing joy into our lives with the annual tradition of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! Miss & ❤NY!!!!, will always be home....can't wait to see that beautiful tree light up the city!!!
  • karingracaNão fomos @hornermaria o Luís está um pouco resfriado, e ficamos em casa assistindo pela tv! Vcs estarão em Indy no final de semana do dia 21-22? Será a formatura do Luís! Estaremos aí! Bj
  • hornermariaOi querida @karingraca infelizmente não, ja estarei no Brazil.
  • polarbearingerI was in this band! Had the time of my life!
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