• toryburchIstanbul

  • foxy_roxy_mommaBeautiful! I would like to go there someday.
  • icandygenevaOf course I know history. That's why I am a proud Turk. Why can't you be something by yourself, always hiding behind bigger powers: you go bankrupt and EE saves you, now you are hiding behind Russia! How pathetic! Who wants to be in your rotten bankrupt EE anyways? All major members wants out because they no longer want to finance economies like you. Wake up honey, siesta is over! 😴 ISTANBUL is ours since 1453, get used to it! @kristinidio
  • icandygenevaYou can call It whatever you want, it is ISTANBUL officially, get used to it! By the way I have lots of Greek friends and I love Greece, you are a disgrace for your own country with this hatred in you. I will not spend any more of my precious time with you, enough of your negative energy, so I am banning you. @kristinidio
  • bilkan@kristinidio you call it potato-we call it potato honey! Believe us we are really proud Turks since forever- Istanbul is such great because we took care of its heritage unlike our neighbour who has a bad habit of ruining Turkish herritages in its territory. You really need to make peace with it and keep your hostile words to are making all Greeks look like enemies of Turks who are planning to conquer istanbul by 11 million total population against to a 70 million proud Turks children of heroes who you have met 90 years ago on your first attempt to invate Istanbul...bad math honey...
  • ozlmshsvrWelcome to my city 😃😍😍@toryburch
  • anarosacorrente❤️
  • men_with_panache👌
  • merve_shnU r having kebab in Hamdi restaurant???
  • connectthedotsevents@sheilaladerberg 😍😍
  • belinda_buttercupBest place ever!
  • k_nav76@netcoco1 - thinking I should join you! 😘
  • hayal_istmysoulcity
  • leadinglady247Incredible View
  •'s my city.
  • njtylcnHARIKA ISTANBUL. ..
  • turker_kanarYenicamii, Mısır Çarşısı
  • missvelvet81Istanbul my love i come hair after afew days😀 .. Also this view in 4season hotel
  • av.ekincBrilliant amazing istanbul blue mosque💙💙💙💙💙
  • bluebodhifly@devonduff 😍
  • ozdemir_cantaFoto muhteşem çoook guzel
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