• perfectlocksOH YES!! It's the gorgeous @kimbellasworld rocking our 18 and 22 inch platinum blonde and a closure installed by @hairbybobby. Custom colored by @itsdejavu. 💜😍💋 #perfectlocks #hairbybobby #plwavy

  • justluda_Would it be possibly to install 2 packs of 20 inch hair for a partial sew in? I do not like a very full look but I am nervous it might not be enough.
  • perfectlocks@mrsluda yes it's possible. Even more possible with a partial sew in like you are considering. We always recommend that 3rd pack because it's better to have a little extra rather than not enough during your install. It's more for peace of mind, whatever you can obviously save what you don't use for you next install or to touch up as needed. However, this 3rd pack is not needed by many customers and is only a recommendation. Hope this helps! 😄😘
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