Working on faceoffs at the morning skate
  • mapleleafsWorking on faceoffs at the morning skate

  • callummcgregor_@necktatts lol man do something with your life. Your a boston fan yet you comment on a leafs page everyday. And the kessel and seguin deal doesnt look bad now you guys traded him pretty quick ;)
  • _charles_85Hahahah @alk0903 yah good!!!! Tell them brah
  • bhadra96Lets go boys
  • haileybarton_ok hey, you shouldn't be talking about the marathon like that, it was devistating @alk0903
  • timelliott83I just happened on this page and the disrespect is unbelievable. Show some class @alk0903 the marathon was a devastating thing that happened. Not to mention all the gay comments. I guess I thought in 2013 people would be a little more tolerant. #classless
  • navi323@torontomapleleafs going to see the boys in action in person on December 23rd vs the rangers at madison square garden !! Go leafs go
  • davidbamgbowuAt least r mayor dose not smoke crack @alk0903
  • robmcwatters@bigbruin100 at least out government as a whole isnt completely fucked, not one mayor of one city
  • only_great_quotesR.I.P Hockey Night in Canada, another tradition ruined by greed. #bettmansucks #rogerssucks
  • davidbamgbowuWHO really cares personally i like canada but when someone disrepects my city i dont back down
  • m3garage@matt_622 I thought it was agreed that HNIC would remain on CBC?
  • tomcat1969Hawks VS Leafs? Cup? That would be epic!
  • only_great_quotes@m3garage true, however as I understand it Rogers can kick CBC out after four years and there is no guarantee that it will be a Leafs game on CBC now.
  • only_great_quotes*every saturday night
  • applez_85Worst move ever! Rogers or "sportsnet" broadcast are garbage. Not to mention you may have to get all of there other sports bet Chanel's just so you can watch all games.
  • m20riciI would hate to wait 4 more years of CBC Hockey Night in Canada SUCKS!!!!! I have the commentators on mute & listen to JoeBoyen!!!!!!!!
  • dashout77I just hope they fire nick kypreos..... The worst panel ever..... #sportsnetsucksballs
  • dashout77Can't stand another 12 years of that dumb greek
  • __alyssa_11I see all there practices on Sunday mornings!!!!!!!
  • deleating_12345555Jeez @hawks_rock11 you must be a really really BIG Leafs fan then
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