Christmas trees for sale Two Days BEFORE Thanksgiving!! When will the madness end ?
  • thesartorialistChristmas trees for sale Two Days BEFORE Thanksgiving!! When will the madness end ?

  • misterjoelockeI've worked in retail for twenty years. And every year, when ornaments go out for sale in October, at least a few are sold the very first day. I guarantee, if people didn't buy this stuff until mid-December it wouldn't appear for sale until then.
  • lingcdesignToo soon!
  • kjersti.riiseAgreed.
  • giadinhbanganever too soon for a christmas tree to me!
  • suzbee19@thesartorialist 2 days after the new year!
  • daciamichalThank you! I _completely_ agree. Btw in celebration of thanksgiving- I truly love your work! Been following for a few years now and still a big fan. :)
  • erenarditi🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
  • loganranhoferSeriously!
  • dnortonlodgeThey wouldn't last til Christmas in Sydney heat!
  • simonehg@seonounou this is what we need!
  • mab01Nooooooooooooo not the right time!
  • lesliechamberlainIt's just beginning...
  • la_doshisSeriously 😑 the consumerism makes me want to run the other way
  • aimsmendozaIt starts September in manila.
  • alimcmacDecember is only 4 days away. I'm totally excited to see a fresh tree. Thanksgiving is really late this year. Don't let the madness get to you, Grinch 
  • lucaboiocchiScott😃👍🇮🇹👍👍🇮🇹👍
  • chezdedeI agree!!! To ta lly. @thesartorialist
  • seonounouOh I love these trees @simonehg Thanks for sharing xx
  • wishiwerethereYou know, there are a lot of people who want to go out and shop for Christmas whatever -trees included- the day after thanksgiving. So if that stuff isn't up before thanksgiving, you better believe someone would have to be working on the actual holiday to create the setup you want to shop from on the day after. Things don't just appear without effort, so personally I don't mind if it is present a bit in advance bc I know it means less stress for the people who work there. Maybe that helps put it into perspective... Also, thanksgiving is on the late side again this year... It's not as bad as, say, west elm and their Christmas presentations in September. THAT was inappropriate.
  • lucilabeharJingle bell. @alimauas
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