Good morning..
  • kingjamesGood morning..

  • jjstack7I live close to you in both states!#jjflboy
  • jjstack7@jjflboy
  • jacobbersteinCan I have a shout out please 🙏
  • keirstan132Lebron u r my idol I wish I could meet u some time u Are a baller I know you are probebly don't reading this cause u have 100,000 people commenting on your stuff u r awesome @kingjames
  • bl.ank___That's nice
  • gapp0123Lol, so snowy
  • leomarsuris@jwhite0504
  • ymcmkdSnow in Miami that's a lie
  • _colinb@youngmoney2386 eh. You're so stupid.
  • omarcharakla@youngmoney2386 that's akron
  • cassydotcomBreathtaking view! #akron
  • 1_riley_varner_4I WANT IT PLEASE 👉👌
  • stay._.humbleLeBron you probably won't see this, but I'm also from Akron.. Man I hated to see you go to Miami but I understand why.. Cleveland is not our home city, but we share the same area which is Northeast Ohio.. The Cavs was so exciting to watch when you was here bro.. I know we wasn't good enough to win a title,and that you had to do what was best for you... Now you got a taste of a championship.. It would be great if you came back and played with Kyrie & Tristan.. I believe you guy could win. They just need a leader.. If you came back here and won a championship, their would be a parade from Akron to Cleveland.. Just think about it, come home and win Ohio a ring.. It would go bananas here in the double O.. @kingjames
  • julia.troszczynskaI know you won't see this and everything 👈 but I just wanted to let you know that you are my huge inspiration ✨ my role model 🌸 I look up to you all the time ✋ You are the best player in the history of players TO ME 🏀 You have so much s👐aggie 😽 You make me believe that I can do anything 🎀 That I can be whatever I want to be 👌 You are the best role model anyone could ask for 🎯 and you are mine 💫 I can't ask for someone better ☺If you EVER followed me back I would just abouts have a HEART ATTACK 🙊 LeBron James I love you 💕💕
  • plk101264Nice Masonry job by MK Masonry Inc! Hope all is well !
  • albhahnLAKERS NIGGA
  • james.c0uragePlease COME BACK
  • andrew__floodSick yard
  • dylan.kressThat in miamie
  • varun32WIN IT ALL BRON
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