• brattylifeMy new glasses have arrived! #bonlook #honeybadger #happyface

  • sonofvenusBeauty!!
  • goingsteadyshopThose were my last pair and I loved them. They looks so good on you! 😊
  • brattylife@goingsteadyshop thank you so much! I was unsure about buying offline, but the service was amazing and so so speedy! I couldn't be more pleased.
  • brattylife@sonofvenus 💖thank you lovely
  • kvonwickhamCute! I just ordered a couple pair of Warby Parker frames. I need to look into these.
  • brattylife@bonlook
  • brattylife@krisgildea They're amazing! And if you sign up for their emails, they send you coupons! That's what truly sealed the deal for me.
  • kvonwickham@brattylife do they demand your doctor to send your prescription? I just went through a bunch of garbage to prove my prescription was legit and not expired.
  • brattylife@krisgildea I simply sent them a picture of it! and measured my PD with their online ruler. Easy as pie!
  • kvonwickham@brattylife Zenni or Coastal let you type it in. I couldn't find my prescription from the doctor on their paper.
  • brattylife@krisgildea yes! I just ordered some sunglasses from Zenni. Now that I'm driving to Rochester at least once a week to visit my grandmother I can't live without sunglasses any longer. I made it 23 years. They haven't arrived yet so I was concerned about their quality because I've read mixed reviews! Have you had good luck?
  • kvonwickham@brattylife I have bought a couple of psir of cat eyes that I like but you can definitely tell that they are cheap. Have you gotten the free pair from Coastal?
  • brattylife@krisgildea no! Is it a scam?
  • kvonwickham@brattylife not a scam but if you buy a $6 pair you definitely can tell how cheap they are.
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