Awwww, look how hard you tried.
  • cycleboredomAwwww, look how hard you tried.

  • yetitulsa#facepalm
  • _rdrey? Blocking the sidewalk?
  • cycleboredom@_rdrey Yep. Plus, since I have a trailer it's impossible for me to park without completely blocking the sidewalk.
  • nickimeadiabummer you were inconvenienced but this public shaming seems a bit harsh for a fellow cyclist who seems to be doing everything right otherwise.
  • nickimeadiaespecially when the real issue is probably the lack of a good bike parking area.
  • _rdrey@cycleboredom word got ya. Personally, it bothers me when people lock up sideways on an upsidedown-U rack taking up the whole thing. Should be able to get at least 2 bikes on one!
  • cycleboredom@nickimeadia Of course the real issue is lack of bike parking, which makes it all the more imperative that they position their bike correctly. And it wasn't just me that was inconvenienced, it was everyone walking on the sidewalk at a ridiculously busy grocery store.
  • jarednietersJust lock to their bike.
  • cycleboredom@nieters Also this.
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