We are officially the "Biermann Bunch" now!
  • kimzolciakbiermannWe are officially the "Biermann Bunch" now!

  • nicholeelynne😘💋😘💋😘💋
  • beyoutiful.wildflowermamaCongrats & Blessings @kimzolciakbiermann
  • luvf1carzCongrats! Thats a nice big "Bunch" you have there LOL
  • jblosmoreCongrats!
  • jay_sickkaCongrats you got your lil girl! Now you have 3 boys and 3 girls your life is going to be fun filled for years to come. God has truly blessed you with a wonderful happily ever after story and big family to enjoy it with.
  • butterflizghost13Congrats to your beautiful family!
  • wldcatldySince Kroy walked into your life, you have changed so much for the better!!! You have the most gorgeous family! I wish you all the best!!
  • bluebaby38Congratulations on the twins
  • ttrb299Very family orientated....Looking for work if you have any availability for assistance with the family and the new twins...
  • _joi_louise_@morena_altagracia how blessed is she?! 😍😍😍😍😍
  • _____kia_______________Your life is perfectt
  • cab4264I absolutely think that you are the most awesome person..you are true and real and I am the same way..I have a daughter who is 15 she has Cerebral Palsy she doesn't walk or talk but she is the highlight of everyday. Congrats on your new babes and Stay Strong
  • aoneal34Congrats! Kim
  • krs1yadaI was right. I said it would be a boy and a girl. I said December 5th as the delivery date. Not sure if that was right.
  • castroqueenbeeThat's so amazing!! U guys are a beautiful family.. Funny my Fam is the "Castro Bunch" lots of love to all..❤️
  • ronie4583 boys and 3 girls!!! What a blessing!
  • nena_ladycotto_1221Gb 3boys and 3 girls yur going to luv it I come from a house of 3and 3 and it was crazy, fun, so much fighting, but so much love…. 💖💖💖FAMILY💋FIRST💖💖💖
  • gunilla_axelssonKim, you seems s to have easy to get pregnant, and must be very happy for your sex children. I really envy you and Kroy and I hope your future will be very good and happy! Love from Sweden/Gunilla
  • joimilesLove from Tanzania, you captured my attention, God bless you and your family and protect you both forever.😍😍
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