Before & adjustment to my normal mani! 
  • giadadelaurentiisBefore & adjustment to my normal mani!

  • lululoohooToo bad people who like to talk shit can't spell. "Conceited" people. It's really not that difficult.
  • florencia081@maritrotta
  • greeneyedmom78Why do people follow someone when all they are going to say are mean things dang didn't your parents ever teach you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
  • kevslinaresBut they aren't saying it they're typing it...dumbass.@greeneyedmom78
  • kevslinaresBut they aren't saying it they're typing it...dumbass.@greeneyedmom78
  • davislitWhy do ppl not liek giada she perfect lmao bitchez💁❤️
  • girlyhannah_Omg r u ok! :)
  • andreah1977@lex4404 she's totally conceited, she's full of herself, and u said she's the most down to earth person you've witnessed on tv? Of course she's gonna seem like that on tv, Instagram is here for everyone to express their opinions and thoughts!
  • andreah1977@debs876 haha I know right?!
  • kat2012mgOuchies
  • scrawartLove you, @giadadelaurentiis ! ❤️👍😊
  • scrawartWhere is the love? Let people be who they are, live and let live.. The negative comments above are uncalled for and it's those kinds of things that cause hate and anger which the world doesn't need any more of. Who are we to judge others? Worry about your own hands being clean and go on.
  • z__bin@shoshbinghaith عين ماصلت على النبي
  • alyssariefOuch looks like it hurt! I know you're okay now but hope u were alright!!
  • mashed_potatoes_@katieladyfaith
  • rrumanJust did the same thing cutting ham off the bone at Easter hurt like heck!🌹
  • j.a.m.m.e.r@westpalm910, look familiar?
  • paulmark123I did the same finger last year (also Cordon Bleu grad :-) ps. still numb
  • _patriciagarcez😢
  • misslombanaOh no 😿 those precious hands must b ensured! They made me love raw mushrooms 😌 mmmm that raw mushroom salad... the one with cilantro, garlic, lemon, parmesan, pepper and olive oil 😌😌😌 the day I fell in love with this woman's cooking!!
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