Brandon Westgate just signed a pair of his new @emerica shoes for The Zumiez Stash
  • zumiezBrandon Westgate just signed a pair of his new @emerica shoes for The Zumiez Stash

  • fags_________Yassss
  • o.de_la_rosaGay
  • jakemcglinchyThis sorry ass excuse for a skate shop is the reason skater owned shops close
  • lleahlicious@hashtag_jake19 this looks like older you
  • hashtag_jake19@leahhnascimento hah, it's funny cuz it's true
  • nickdenfeldI peak the neff/globe sea pals board in the back.
  • mrlbc562@_instajake you sound like a whiny bitch, maybe you should go do somethin
  • jakemcglinchyYou can not be serious, no one even skateboard any more because these stores open and close all local skate shops @dmj_all_day
  • jakemcglinchy*skateboards
  • bsteffs_infiniteUr not taking into consideration the 100s of opportunities we supply to local skaters yearly? Couch tour, Best foot forward, and countless in-store events. Not even including the Zumiez Foundation, that donates money and winter jackets to kids all over the US. We do alot for skateboarding and the community. @_instajake #zumiezlifestyle #nohate #justlove #thankyouskateboarding
  • booboovtI was there omg
  • reinagalleta666@_instajake hey dude it's great to see you have such a passion for skating! But you got some facts wrong.. Skateboarding is alive and well my friend because of Zumiez.. You may not understand how so let me explain. Because zumiez has chains it is able to get more product out to people, because there is a bigger demand there is a bigger supply so all of the product you need - decks, wheels, bearings ect is much more available and cheaper for you to buy. Realistically if you only had independently owned skate shops through out the country (which there wouldn't be that many because it costs a lot of money to run a shop and keep it going) you A) wouldn't be able to get as much product B) it would be way more expensive. Yes, most likely local skate shops can do more on a very VERY small community scale but zumiez is able to do things on a more broad level. Zumiez pumps money into the skate economy, keeping it going and encouraging kids to keep skating. Mostly every single person who works at the home office started as a sales person and skates, ZUMIEZ started off as a local skate shop and because we they knew how to not only skate they knew how to run a business (because if you want to believe it or not your local shops are businesses) and they expanded. Understand the roots man. Understand what's going on and don't be ignorant and spread hate.
  • troychipsahoyI was there too
  • noblealdenFucker @_instajake
  • tjdavis999You got told @_instajake haha
  • o.de_la_rosaLong paragraph comment damn
  • o.de_la_rosaI don't think intak
  • o.de_la_rosaI don't think @instajake got told if someone had to write a paragraph haha
  • xavieranthonyphotoI like how they cut off the toe cap part lol.
  • dlo.__@zumiez I made a purchase yesterday and it won't let me redeem my receipt at the zumiez stash, it says invalid receipt. Please help
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