Kurt gets an A+ with the wine and food suggestions.
  • tipsforjesusKurt gets an A+ with the wine and food suggestions.

  • watchcollectinglifestyle🙏🙏🙏
  • mrsbuddersI bet it feels amazing to get to leave some tips like that and help@change someone's life!!!
  • jenhernandez26Come to the intercontinental hotel and order room Service :) @tipsforjesus
  • daniel364kCome try out our @stuffemoriginal burgers their real delicious u won't regret it trust. May god bless u bro
  • alexandergldLove that restaurant!
  • veeveeunThis is a really cool thing that you're/you guys are doing! However, I am wondering why it seems that this is only happening at high-end restaurants, when I am sure that the folks at places like Denny's could probably use that kind if tip money more...
  • petiteandsweet@thebulletproofheart
  • choochoo_504@sha_dadiva ... leaving great tips for servers! Kewl
  • sha_dadivaYessssss @choochoo_5 MY DAY IS COMING!!!
  • tasharecenoCome to Canadaaaa! Best service ever, plus Canadians are notoriously nice.
  • gimmekimmy@tipsforjesus come to @lukshonla in culvert city! Our chef/owner was just on top chef masters and I would love to put together a dinner with wine pairings for you!!
  • pamalvinIt is FAR BETTER to give than to receive....PAY IT FORWARD PEEPS!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO This Blessed Soul!!! Keep up the GREAT work you are led to do!!!!!!!!!
  • rann0ucheWoohooo Kurt
  • micakat@tipsforjesus please come to the San Pedro brewing company! You are amazing!!!
  • amywco@tipsforjesus You guys are awesome!
  • prentayourrealtorgod bless you for your thank you very much... I raise my kids tips.. I waitress from 14 to 45 years old.. so I am so happy that this guy is able to do what I can
  • prentayourrealtorNot
  • rondricHusband works two jobs papa johns and tiger taxi in auburn al wish a blessing would come like that
  • jonee112THANK YOU TIPS FOR JESUS. Hope you remember all the forgotten under paid workers that make this country work. The kids at McDonalds, Goodwill workers, the maids that clean the rooms, the janitors etc. Without these people we would not get our service. And the Vets homeless starving and cold on our streets.
  • jaybirds___Next time when in Los Angeles come to shutters on the beach in Santa Monica . Amazing views and I work at coast restaurant there. I've been in this industry for 19 years and love my job! My wife and I have been doing IUI inseminations to get pregnant and feel discriminated against all the time just because I'm gay. Keep sound what you're doing !
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