It will be in your hands soon...
  • zumiezIt will be in your hands soon...

  • froncentAll my clothes are from you guys @zumiez
  • davidmkirby@pearcegossett Your anger is misplaced. You say, "I get that you're trying to help skateboarding, but the stuff you sell" ruins your rep. Anyone who's been around the business for any length of time realizes that times and trends change. I remember when Zumiez carried Jincos. It's the nature of life. It may not be your view of the direction in which skateboarding should be heading, but it's really just that... your view. No sense bashing others because you disagree. You don't like Diamond or Obey? Don't buy it, that's your prerogative. You like Volcom and RVCA, use your dollars to make sure places like Zumiez carry more of that. That's how businesses (big and small) work.
  • reneefvsvnoZumiez used to be a local shop in my hometown. The first zumiez was here in Seattle, so if you don't like the zumiez style, its cuz ur not a zumiez person. So don't shop there. Diamond is my favorite brand. Zumiez has an amazing rep where I am. So don't say their rep is getting ruined. Go to some other skate shop if you don't like zumiez @pearcegossett
  • lilluckyluxgotta love Obey!
  • sin_904Sweet
  • christian_vegasJust got it right now in the mail wow
  • iheartrevive910Where can we buy it
  • rileythomsonnHow do I get this @zumiez
  • itsyaaaboiialexHow do I get one
  • reinagalleta666@oreocat910 pick one up at your local zumiez or if you're a stash member!
  • walldanceski@nutterlives he's just not getting it man ha, cool if you have an opinion I just wouldn't voice it till you know the whole story and what were all about over here @zumiez do some research man were here for you guys and if you don't think that then too bad @pearcegossett
  • avva3Oh my gawd 😃
  • jamestophervickI totally agree with you @pearcegossett i am very passionate regarding a similar subject. See i really love ice cream and its something that im passionate about and then you have places like fucking Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerrys ruining the ice cream game going all crazy and shit with flavors and toppings its ruining ice creams "rep" . Man im glad i met you i thought i was the only person out there that was so delusional to think that all of these people gave a shit about my opinion. Ya know the type of person that has inflated their own ego big enough to the point where the words you speak have substance or consistency. It takes a special kind of person to be that kind of a douchebag. You keep fighting the fight brah brah never let corporate america ruin what you love and kill its "rep" you're a genuis my friend.
  • jamestophervickIm sorry i meant NO SUBSTANCE OR CONSISTENCY
  • timtomlade@jamestophervick that was amazing!
  • jamestophervickThanks @timthemanlade
  • israww_Got mine it's a dope catalog to be honest. Better than others.
  • bvsedvdrianwhat are the things that are coming out to zumiez for Black Friday? please reply I wanna know lol /.\ @zumiez
  • bry61597This books awesome
  • abbyelisayyybethGot mine early cause my dad is the manager !
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