Levi's style doesn't have to stop at the cuff. #shoes #Kohls
  • kohlsLevi's style doesn't have to stop at the cuff. #shoes #Kohls

  • kg_baseballmamaThey are @omg_wth !!
  • amanduhhh622@mft1
  • mrskimzey2008Kohls online is the WORST website EVER!!! I ordered 2 pairs of dress pants for my dad on Cyber Monday, which was December 2nd & the pants haven't even been picked up to be shipped from their warehouse yet!! I was suppose to get them by the very latest this past Thursday and I still don't have them! So now one of my dad's presents is going to be late for Christmas! I will NEVER order online from them anymore! I will always go to their stores from now on b/c their online customer service is horrible!
    I just got an email from Kohls stating that they decided to cancel my order for one of the pants I placed an order for, which on Tuesday they told me my whole order was shipped & on its way to me and that I would get it by the latest the 12th!!! THEY ARE LIARS!!!No explanation at all for canceling my order either! I'm calling them tomorrow and throwing a fit! Kohls online is a NIGHTMARE!!!
  • mrs._ticas_alcalaIt's true kohls online sucks. I had a bad experience them as well.
  • mrs.steenburghWell I ordered from khols cyber Monday and was surprised at how fast I received my order! Everything was perfect, got a great deal and arrived super quick! Thanks Khols😀
  • ednam18Lolol
  • cbeachner0We always got a lot of weird online return issues in the stores unfortunately. The holifayd make it crazy n random items are put into the wrong boxes sometimes, human error! The store is always good though.
  • clairebartalosI ordered lots of stuff on black Friday and it took a little longer than expected as well. Don't think you were the only one it took longer in delivery. But you also have to remember we had two snow storms that came through that may have caused a delay. I am not sure if I'd would says its the delivery but more so of the short of staffing Khols have to ship tons of orders out. Its just really convenient and somethings online you can find but not at the store.
  • jochim2001The same thing happened to me but this morning my Black Friday order finally came hallelujah 🎉👍👏😍
  • kohls@rockinxrobby Check online! You may have luck there. Search 1407120 on kohls.com
  • kohlsMen's @kaldr69
  • kohlsHi @mrskimzey2008 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are sorry to hear your online shopping experience was anything but enjoyable. Can you also email our customer service team at Kohls@Facebook.com? We want them to be aware of this as well. We hope you have a happy holiday!
  • kohls@mrskimzey2008 Whoops! Pressed the send button a little too fast. The correct email is Facebook@Kohls.com
  • kohlsSorry to hear that @mariaticasalcala Care to tell us more details? Please email our customer service team at Facebook@Kohls.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • kohlsYay! @belloftheball87 That makes us happy 😊 We hope you enjoy all your Cyber Monday purchases!
  • kohlsWoot woot! @jochim2001
  • reenaveenI have been shopping @kohls online forever and have NEVER been disappointed. 👍
  • kohlsThanks @reenaveen! Happy to hear this!
  • brianschnell@chandler_string
  • chandlerruns@brian_schnell 😂👟
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