Fun in the snow with my girls...
  • teresagiudiceFun in the snow with my girls...

  • mami_jenta@reneeig4 True 😞
  • jenn_marie924For anyone who knows the family dynamic knows that Gabriella chooses to do other things sometimes and doesn't always like taking pictures.
  • hdcicero@jenn_marie924 thank you for explaining the family dynamics !! Lol
  • leahhxx7Luv da pink bike💖
  • lisaregina44@calibabs98 get a life u don't like it unfollow !! Go take care of ur kids !! This is great love it
  • s_zobel21Why does she put a thousand ..... After every statement?
  • xxroxy_dxxI want to have a go! Looks fun... Keep smiling 😄😄😄
  • 19julie83Just love your family such a strong family bond. Girls are a credit to you and Joe xx
  • hdcicero@1sabella_ sorry but @calibabs98 is just stating what is probably true she didn't say anything horrible
  • mistjo@teresagiudice girls are growing up so and the girls are gorgeous. .much love and God bless
  • tklingaman15Looks like fun!!!!
  • rita3g@hdcicero what she said was an accusation not stating something true. Anyone who follows Teresa just to be negative to her and her family is evil through and through. Don't worry carma is a B$&@# ! I am team Guidice!!!
  • bdorr1105Rich people fun, you will be surprised how much fun a trash can lid and a hill in penny pack Park in Philadelphia can be
  • hdcicero@rita3g I didn't say it was true just realistically it probably is , I like Teresa but I'm also a realist . I believe in Karma , I don't think making a comment is evil either , I have seen some horrible comments but that wasn't even bad
  • nursesingh@1sabella_ I second you
  • spoiled_365@rita3g perhaps this is her Karama? Hummm....
  • haleyyhutchhI like your pic and you have a nice family
  • suchafknbarbiee@consciousthinking I want that pink quad !! Lol
  • rott328You go Gigi
  • taninaingargiola@chenzitosd
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