My Grandmother's Quilt, circa 1913

This beautiful quilt has been passed down and holds many family stories. My Granny was given this quilt from her mother. Growing up in a house of 10 children, my Granny only saw this quilt after begging her mother to view it. Otherwise, my Great Grandmother kept it protected and secured in a cedar chest since it was a prized possession. It had been given to her as a wedding present by her mother and grandmother (my Great Great Grandma and Great Great Great Grandma). My Granny, like her mother, now continues the tradition of storing the quilt in a cedar chest until someone wants to admire it!

The fabric is made out of a rough, thick material not commonly used anymore. I think it's a special family heirloom and I love how well preserved it has been kept.

This is my entry for the @instagram #WHP100.
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