Shooting the doc. Larry talking about the history of east Bay Area punk
  • billiejoearmstrongShooting the doc. Larry talking about the history of east Bay Area punk

  • hannahtweet😂 I had just seen anchorman 2 and I thought "this night couldn't get any better" lol @erikaadaliaa
  • steezzzbarakatI just want to let you know I think foreverly has showed the true talent you have with your vocals and it's some of the best ever
  • andresborda13Billie! please see this!
  • greendaypictures@andresborda13 IG comments don't support hyperlinks.
  • caligerJust finished reading spy rock memories
  • lotus_jakiI want to add to that comment about foreverly. I think Billie Joe as a musician is one of the most well rounded musicians I can think of. I love learning from the music Billie Joe creates because he doesn't just stick to one style of music. You can see that throughout Green Day's discography. As a starting musician it really helps me learn tons of different styles. As a musician sticking to one style really henders your abilities to progress and to better improve your own style. This is just one of the many reasons Green Day has been and will always be my favorite band. So thank you Billie Joe I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and soul.
  • billiejoepicturesThey aren't. @countinq_stars
  • lysssaaa21I'd rather have you Mike and Tre come to my house instead of Santa. @bj_unoxx @mike_dosxx @treleparc
  • nuclearfamilyBillie! I composed something "I can no longer be his whatsername
    he already found his adrienne
    I hope someday, I'll meet my jimmy cause his adrienne found her billie" hope you like it :)
  • grndsshif I ever meet you, I'll shake your hand. @bj_unoxx
  • omandsteph@sashax_x shake his hand.?! ID GRAB DAT ASS AND RUN AWAY REGRETTING NOTHING.
  • grndssh@greendayxbitch haha. Sorry for that, is not the word.
  • omandsteph@sashax_x yes OMG
  • grndssh@greendayxbitch HORROR
  • blackjalopyThe fuck? @edoardo_baldisserri
  • katemalaninaPlz come to Russia again :) we love you
  • lovely.bjaHi Billie... I'm just going to get to the point. I hope you see this even though you probably get a million comments each day. Green day is my favorite band and I'm graduating high school this year. I have this crazy thought that I want to invite you guys to my graduation on May 31st. I live in Indiana. Even if you can't make it, I still want to send you an invite. Thanks for reading.
  • g.keips^^^^^ graduation goals
  • howsnareyouPunk is my life
  • natertot_230Ever listen to Black Flag? Sick band.almost as good as green day!
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