Get a new iPhone for one low... like really low... out of pocket price this weekend!
  • tmobileGet a new iPhone for one low... like really low... out of pocket price this weekend!

  • patitarazI was just at the tmo store! Picked up my new iPhone 5s for zero down! Saw Samsung was zero down too this weekend!
  • radkxtOr get a good phone.. Cough. An cough. Android
  • ms0714I love my my galaxy and yes I got it at T Mobile by the way violet loves to visit t-mobile store
  • luisgarcia75Iphone is done, just like BlackBerry, Android is the way to go! Iphone can't innovate anymore, they just copied Android in their last update, R.I.P. Iphone (Apple)
  • brunomar2001Htc one x <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  • thecortezfam6tmobile I want the iPhone 5S 16GB Gold, I've been a customer for 7 years. How about giving me a hell of a deal on it?
  • thecortezfam6tmobile I actually ment the 64GB Gold
  • thecortezfam6tmobile I have the iPhone 5 64GB at the moment and want to upgrade.
  • tmobile@ms0714 Glad you are enjoying your ddevice!
  • ms0714I'm a royalty customer and I don't feel that I should be paying for unlimited ministers when people today are no longer making as many phone calls but mostly texting yes I love my phone but I don't love your prices so I'm thinking of leaving T Mobile the research will start soon and hopefully with another company and offer me better pricing
  • tmobile@ms0714 Can you shoot us an email with your name, mobile# and issue? Here’s the email:
  • ms0714Yes thx
  • tmobile@patitaraz Hope you are enjoying your new device!
  • tmobile@ms0714 You are welcome!
  • austinjonessurfYeww! @tmobile help me win the @alanarblanchard contest
  • v.x22_Can u tell me how is the payments and plans (family) are . My dad wants to change but not so sure if tmobil is expensive or not. Is it?
  • tmobile@omg_animals_are_my_life Please visit Tmobile. com for information.
  • v.x22_Okk
  • v.x22_I found very cheap prices. Ty ima ask him to change :D and mostly I culd get my very first iPhone
  • tmobileomg_animals_are_my_life You are welcome!
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