• simone_anne// I've always loved airports. the comings & goings of all kinds of people. the airplanes jetting off to innumerable destinations. the sense of your adventure *officially* starting. the strangers in a shared experience. the part where you actually FLY (always a dream) & also the part where you see the best sunsets from above the clouds & also the part where this is probably the closest I'll ever make it to space (sadly. universe: I want to go to space). #helloSFO ✈️

  • dmb1977Some people might say they're "cold" / I prefer to look at them as full of life : imagine the amount of feelings wishes dreams you found just by looking at people passing by you in a airport / safe trip fly high
  • simone_anneExactly, right?! So interesting to think about. @dmb1977
  • simone_anneI always sit in the window! Why do you like the one near the wings?? @lattecosmico Love your new word too. Definitely the same / similar thought & concept. 😊
  • simone_anne#SWAair @southwestair
  • simone_anne#SWApic
  • simone_anne#SFOcheer
  • simone_anneHaha. No worries!! Oh, cool. Sounds very interesting!! :) @lattecosmico
  • simone_anne#ubertrip2013
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