Champs @mightymouse125 and @jonnybones pose for a photo backstage at weigh-in.
  • ufcChamps @mightymouse125 and @jonnybones pose for a photo backstage at weigh-in.

  • jty_Someone else posing with them wonder who it is?
  • thelegendarysnackzmanlet of peace
  • bvan145Ps4
  • josue_noe@ckinsella Jon Jones is gonna fight whoever gets out in front of him at light heavy weight. He can't make his opponents better. Texiara is next. He fights the best of the division. He isn't gonna move up to heavyweight bc you want him to lol
  • josue_noePut *
  • mmamonki@ill_b_ig_smoke i agree with you
  • ckinsella@josue_noe Not because I want him to, but because that's the manly thing to do. Y'know, fight somebody your own size. I could kick the shit out of a bunch of little kids at the playground and call myself the best too.
  • josue_noeEverybody cuts weight not just Jon jones.
  • kdshelburn@ckinsella you clearly have no understanding of MMA, weight cutting.
  • ckinsella@josue_noe It's not about weight, it's about frame. He hold a reach advantage over HEAVYWEIGHTS. He makes grown men look like little kids when he stands next to them, and then he "defends his belt" against numerous fighters who are in an even smaller weight class. What kind of bullshit is that?
  • didraw@gloverteixeira will wreck this dog's bone!
  • i_amjaviJon Jones is 2 times the man Demetrius will ever be! Literally.
  • caliwhatwhatJones vs Velazquez, Make it happen Dana
  • xhydraspherexHow much does Microsoft pay Mighty Mouse that they are his only sponsor...
  • rakcityy@jonnybones F you
  • allanjt94@s1th_lord
  • sshafrankoMini me
  • eduardodeamorink👏👏👏👏👏
  • foigimhdI hope someone will hes ass I dont like him
  • shannon_lee4everJon bones jones
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