Reading #ChristmasCards in the office
  • speakerboehnerReading #ChristmasCards in the office

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  • moefrangopoulosMerry Christmas from Moe in Chicago Boehner! :) 🎅🐧🎄
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  • vladchristoDear Speaker, you is - respect!!
  • jmagana412Speaker, we have had a constant presence outside your office in
  • jmagana412DC and Ohio, also outside your community. We know you are a man of faith and all we wanna do is pray with you and share our stories about how the broken immigration system has affected our communities. This morning a low threat man who was pulled over for minor traffic violations was deported and taken away from his family and kids. That was due to the inactions of Congress. What does that mean? This Christmas those children will be without their parents and that will be the case for thousand other families.
  • jmagana412Everyday that Congress that was elected by the PEOPLE chooses to not act on the broken immigration system thousands of families are broken. Thousands of US citizen children will be left fatherless and motherless. As speaker of the house you cannot continue to roll over these complex issues to the next generation. God has called you to be a bold leader and to take on these hard issues, you know the votes are there and if you present a bill millions of people will get relief
  • jarvisgoins@jmagana412 if you come to a country illegally, then get deported, what part of it is broken? Try humility first.
  • jmagana412@pra9940 dang only if that same mentality was in place a few hundred years ago when America were once immigrants.
  • wizzerwitWe are all immigrants (willing or unwilling) except our Native Americans.
  • malloryunlimited@jmagana412, Currently there is a LEGAL way to come into our Country. Hundreds of years ago there was also a LEGAL way. If you come here ILEGALLY you should be deported because you are breaking the law! How does anyone not get that? Put it in this context: If someone comes onto your land and takes food from your garden and a chicken from your coop they would be stealing and in turn breaking the law. If they were doing it so their family did not starve, as a man of God, I could forgive them but they would still need to atone for breaking the law. Let us step it up a notch. Let’s say someone robs a bank because they need the money. Do you say that they should not have their time in court and atone for their illegal actions? Do you feel that they should get off just because they have kids? I would not think so! Families are torn apart all the time due to people making the wrong decisions in life and doing illegal things! Coming to this country ILLEGALY is no different! What are we teaching our children? That it is okay to break the law! Seriously? What are we teaching other prospective illegal aliens? That all they need to do is come over here illegally and have a child and they won’t be deported! How is that right? It’s not!
  • jmagana412@matthewjmallory I can see what you are saying but dnt understand your logic. It is deceptive and idiotic to compare that to robbing a bank. What are we teaching our kids? The same thing our founding fathers thought their kids and the rest of this country, to seek the American dream! Has America become to arrogant that she forgot she once was an immigrant and did exactly what you mentioned, she "stole and and robbed". I rather say that our founding fathers just sought a better future. And don't get mislead by far right ideologies 11 million people aren't here stealing and cheating the system! They have been here contributing to society. Nearly 30 percent of small businesses that started last year where from immigrants and yes they hire Americans. 11 million people do not want to come and steal crops like you mention that is simply not reality.
  • jmagana412@matthewjmallory also please get some statistics on the current immigration issue. Congress make policies that pump a bunch of money on border security but the reality is that people don't come here illegally like you mention a vast majority of people cone legally through tourist visas, student visas, and other types of visas and simply out stay their visas. They get a taste of the American dream and they don't want to go back to poverty, persecution, and possibly death. I mean who would? I believe is border security because unlike many people and probably yourself I do live by a border. It is pretty comical that someone from Ohio is making laws and limiting immigration laws for people in AZ, CA, TX. What do you all know about the immigration issue besides what you see in the news?
  • malloryunlimited@jmagana412, I figured you would think robbing a bank was not comparable so that is why I gave you the garden and chicken scenario as well. I used that as a metaphor not as an example of what I think that they do. However, stealing a penny is no different than robbing a bank. They are both breaking the laws of God & man! I agree that it is terrible what was done to the Indians by the Pilgrims/English that inhabited this land. Fortunately, I was taught as a child that two wrongs don’t make a right. It seems your point of view is that revenge is due and just. I pray that is not the case. Let me propose another angle for you. You spend the money and time and go through all of the steps, tests and paperwork to get your driver’s license or to start a business or to go to college and everything is fine for some time but down the road when the time comes to renew the requirements for any of those things you decide to let them lapse or say it is out of your control and you no longer meet the requirements to renew them. Would you just decide to break the law and continue driving your vehicle or running your business illegally? If you are a responsible law abiding person should you not prepare yourself prior to the impending date so that you stay within the law? I mean you went through everything the first time. Getting a taste of the American dream is not an excuse for breaking the law! Plain and simple, if someone is here illegally for whatever the reason they are (1) breaking the law (2) stealing jobs from LEGAL Americans and (3) NOT paying taxes which in turn is NOT contributing to our society as designed or as they should be! Simply making them all legal citizens is NOT the right way to correct the problem!
  • jmagana412@matthewjmallory breaking the law of God? Same God who struck and plagued Egypt because they were mistreating HIS immigrant people. I hope this is not the same God you are referring to because I can assure you that is not God's law, if it is please direct me to them. My point and stance has never been for revenge. I am a United States veteran who loves my country but also is the son on immigrant parents. I thank God that they, as you so wrongfully stated "broke God's law" and decided to give me a better future. A future that involved me serving my nation and even willing to die for it.
  • jmagana412@matthewjmallory but I honestly respect and appreciate your passion for the issues of this country. After speaking to numerous members of Congress from both parties, one thing that they can ALL agree on is that the current immigration system is broken. That is something that is no secret. Then again that is the beautiful part about America that it is a democracy. Every person including Speaker Boehner understands that the current system is outdated, broken, and in need of a reform. That is something he said over a year ago in a interview. Honestly, I appreciate your passion and I think America needs to continue to have these peaceful dialogs. Blessings.
  • andalitzaI love this picture Mr. Speaker. Very sweet!
  • vladchristoJohn #Happy2014Year!!
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