• cottonon#BloggersXCottonOn
    “The weather was a little too perfect, spoiling me to enjoy the coloured leaves of Fall without the freezing cold winds. Shedding my layers in the sun at Madison Square Park in a Cotton On denim shirt, lace up white leather pants and even sandals. Guaranteeing now that the next time I visit NYC I’ll be buried in snow…” Jessica Stein of @Tuulavintage

  • strikeitozThat is the most hideous outfit .... Ever !!! Look kids its a crack whore who's rising to the top 🙌
  • jjess.polosOmf dude look at the comment above @_chantellouis_ @christinajona
  • kat.olsen_I dig it
  • whilton.designLove this!!!!!
  • bgmkaya87Omg
  • srisukmadewiWhere is the pants from??
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