Ham is Santa ready! #therealhamlet #bostonterrier
  • katielopez1Ham is Santa ready! #therealhamlet #bostonterrier

  • westelmdadeland😻
  • katielopez1@jewelswang I don't know the name. Sorry! It came painted this color and I loved it so much I just kept it this color.
  • heart_sophieNo worries! Thank you anyway :).
  • jvcheng11I LOVE your style! Is that a westelm rug by any chance?
  • katielopez1@jvcheng11 yeap! :)
  • jvcheng11I'm buying it as we speak! Phenomenal photography on your page and website, by the way! @katielopez1
  • katielopez1@jvcheng11 oh awesome! Hope you like it! Thank you!
  • 4stphireI love the sectional
  • beth.markleyAre you happy with this sofa? I'm looking into buying a sofa from WE.
  • katielopez1@elizabethmarkley yea, we're happy. Love the modern look and size of it, but it is not super comfy. It's not uncomfortable, but it doesn't give you that sink in and get cozy feel.
  • beth.markleyThat's good to know! Thanks for getting back to me.
  • b_double_u2Katie, I need your advise. I want to buy this rug for my nursery. Is it soft enough for a nursery? I will have a sheep skin throw rug for our "reading/sitting rug". Also, can you tell me if this is the natural/ivory color? I need some gray tones as your picture shows, but the natural/ivory pic on the west elm site does not look gray at all. Thanks for any help you can give!
  • katielopez1@rww3025 hi! I wouldn't describe it as soft, but it's not rough or anything. This is the natural/ivory. It might look gray in my photo but it's not gray. It's ivory and tan. Hope that helps!
  • sabrinakreisWhere is that back shelf from (white boxes)? Is that West Elm as well?
  • katielopez1@queenofthecommons my door collection :)
  • queenofthecommonsLove!!!! Thank you!
  • valeria.gladkova@katielopez1 I love your style! What couch from west elm is this?
  • katielopez1@london_lover_911 the Jackson sectional :)
  • valeria.gladkova@katielopez1 and the beautiful chairs where you're holding your baby up in the air? Can you tell I'm obsessed with the style? Just purchased a new home and this is so my style :)
  • katielopez1@london_lover_911 that pic with the baby is not my place. It's my sisters place and I think she got those chairs at home goods
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