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  • boobygangHTOWN!! We Outchea. @K_Ford8100 !!!

  • charmin2103Its a damn song geez
  • zennie72@jmhotch this is what I was talking about!! #FDB...can't stop singing this song!!!! LoL
  • lo_keeshYa'll do the most it's a fucking song geeeeeesh! I guess everybody in there specifically talking about they spouse to
  • jennysuuwuuYes fuck keyshia
  • iamarealstar@keyshiacole will remain ..always....deal with it people!!
  • patonhairHow dare u be so fucking disrespectful to my day 1 bitch @keyshiacole thats y ya team dropped ya broke ass save some money
  • mimimonet😩😂😂😭😫🙌🙌🙌
  • trubeauty0923Cutie.......but anyways the man just livn his life damn!!!!!
  • lilkrittlelocShe's still ur wife! U shouldn't post things like this knowing that u have ur all to this women. U both have a child together, I honestly believe that's wrong....
  • beautifulme_twoThe man can't even rap a popular song without y'all trying to figure out his whole life story. Clean your own house first before you worry about people you don't even know
  • mzalldivaTotally agree @prettyinpink77
  • im_bubblesmamaMe too @mzalldiva I agree with @prettyinpink77
  • _thaone@k_ford8100 put me down ford 😂😂
  • mrtjonesTrue @2jays some people don't think before they speak or better yet comment smh
  • sasoon_a@nicomadden My boy!!
  • jojo_aaliyah@granddaddypase lol
  • she_leakiinGet out they damn business...
  • she_leakiinYou humans make me fucking sick...hating on people who making more money than you'll probably ever see in a lifetime...if he cheating on well...Keyshia cole so damn fine she probably already replaced his ass...no offense booby...but in tired of people talking about things that don't concern them...
  • she_leakiinOh^I'm^
  • ms.juanderfulMann fuck all this convo... up top what's the name of the club going to Htown for my birthday and I want to do it big @boobygang and where ever this is is where I want to hit. .
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