Turning old tour posters into  gift boxes!  #jasonmrazfoundation
  • jason_mrazTurning old tour posters into gift boxes! #jasonmrazfoundation

  • doilookbasicThat's awesome!!! You're a sweetheart
  • 4stphireI want to buy one. Just tell me how. My address is : 239 Alameda Ave. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
  • spinnaker_sailI wuv this shot...
  • dyasiousYou are my idol
  • shawnthedirtyhippieI just got my box today and I think it's the one he has in his hands in this picture! :D
  • danielletxThat's one of the three posters I have hanging on my wall. Along with one of Eric Hutchinson and one of Shawn Pander.
  • _ielsysofiaCome to México city, PLEASE!! I love you. ❤️😍
  • sojhar😍😍😍...
  • johagbriela<3
  • handinibungaHOW CUTE U ARE DADYYYYY♥♥♥♥
  • danicorradisI love you SO much Jason! Come to Brazil, Belo Horizonte! I really want to see u again! 🙏❤️❤️❤️
  • sinem_gvnSuch an adorable face! I love you cutie <3
  • jigxo@carleymcgrath95 @hannahmorgzz @terihalfon
  • elietefonsecabragabraga1Amo!!!!
  • mokaresiJust fell in love.
  • ssswwwxl
  • bevlorraineOh like this can i help gives me inspiration even if a little , wishing to re change and achieve the best at a full but exhausting career so that looks so Cool cheers 💐
  • bryony.humphriesMe and my family call ur fedora a Jason Mraz hat! I kinda went through a faze where I got one... Yah.... Also my fav song by u is I'm yours and I love that u hang out with Alex Preston he is from my town!!! I wish one day I will see u in concert
  • peace002300I love you♥♥♥♥
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