Recycled treasures arts n crafts day! Stay tuned!
  • jason_mrazRecycled treasures arts n crafts day! Stay tuned!

  • leonormalyWow
  • maryambahramWish I could have one of them.. But I know this is totally impossible..:(
  • chococristinaMe encanta!!
  • virginiabunton82Love that !
  • euferyufogwhat is that?
  • howvaluableiamwow
  • kaunkst7@jason_mraz My friend and I once wrote a song called "Do You Have Any Scissors?" haha Guess you had to be there. It was pretty funny!! :-P
  • berkanozcakmakI want!!
  • jamesmstithGreat idea
  • joojeejaaFor what?
  • jeanderby@jason_mraz awesome! Very nice! Way to #upcycle
  • cara_bean1I like the peanut butter toast?
  • artzformeeWow! Way to go!
  • katkarizmaWhere's the outcome?
  • hello.karenWow
  • dantilleryHey Jason, one day somewhere. Somebody gave you a chance. I hope you will do the same if you see this message. I am a singer/songwriter. I love what I do. Musician for a living. I am more then determined to travel the world and share my passion. Love, art, kindness. Spread love everywhere. I would be so very grateful if you clicked on my sound cloud link. Take a listen to a song or two of mine. Let me know what you think. Change my life today. I will not let you down or ever forget. Thanks Jason. I hope you'll give me a chance. 😊👍✌️👋❤️☀️👊🎵👣
  • 4stphireLike the boxes-can u give them to a random person? I would buy one.
  • naimanamaste@dantillery @jason_mraz i hope Jason sees ur mess !
  • 86nannaA beautiful mess ♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥
  • priscila.martinslapolliLove you...
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