• russellbobbittMy heart goes out to the Caselli and White families and I am truly saddened with the loss of my great friend @kurtcaselli66 Kurt was one of the best persons I knew and has inspired me to be a better person in every aspect.

  • stevepodrazaRIP. Very sad day
  • beaucottington😔
  • felipetobonGood memories back in chile, Riders for life. So sorry russ sometimes we have to say goodbye to great people @kurtcaselli66 RIDE IN PEACE
  • kylecarlisle12Can't even believe this. Very sad day.
  • cboyd520So sorry for the loss of your friend and for the families .
  • team_horton_xcTerrible!!!
  • charlie5934Sorry for the loss is your dads name bo bobbit
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