Ready for #Friday night with a black hi-low. #littleblackdress #Kohls
  • kohlsReady for #Friday night with a black hi-low. #littleblackdress #Kohls

  • kohlsGreat feedback @flora_emma We do not have anything like that currently. What type of things do you want to see posted more? We will see what we can do!
  • kohls@meaganstuart12 that's awesome! We are glad to hear it <3
  • nichaider@kohls would love to see clothing modeled with the model's height to get a better idea if something would fit. Love the dress. Hope it's not just for short girls.
  • jen_fondaI love it. I so want it.
  • samattie@kohls Can't find dress using number you supplied! :(
  • kohls@samattie Oh no! Try again with 94479420 or search the brand Rewind on our site. Hope that helps!
  • kohlsThanks for you for your feedback @nichaider We will see what we can do! Until then you can see sizing details on our site to give you a better idea of the fit :)
  • lreileyWhen posting outfits, can you post item number and designer/make?
  • kohlsHi there @lreiley Thanks for your feedback! We will look into this. In the meantime, the dress is by Rewind - item # 94479420 and shoes are Mudd - item # 94189713. Hope that helps! Please let us know if you need anything else.
  • mlbrat25Isn't this cute @kathfinkelstein @debbiedebjensen @triciajensen
  • redsoxgrl22@kohls I bought this dress today but it didn't come with a belt. When I look on the website it is shown with the belt. Do I need to buy the belt separately or was it supposed to come with??
  • kohlsHi @redsoxgrl22 This particular dress does come with a belt so it sounds like you have a missing piece. No worries! - our customer service team will help get this sorted out for you. Please email them at
  • nata1ieeUgh I was gonna get this for my brothers wedding but the dresses needed to be knee length:/
  • kohls@live4volleyball12 We have a beautiful black lace dress that's a little longer - search 94642094 on to see it. It might work for the wedding!
  • kohls@iiamkc Hello! This dress is available in stores and online as well. Just search by its item # 94479420 on
  • caitlin.fitzySooooo cute!
  • ll.woy😍 @kim_mum1222
  • kim_mum1222Very you!!! @lauryn_w
  • kerry.curran@heidi_potter_disney
  • mariasabb93I looooooove this one tooooooooo much
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