Holiday host tip: earn points on serving plates and redeem on party decor! #SearsHoliday
  • searsHoliday host tip: earn points on serving plates and redeem on party decor! #SearsHoliday

  • brittanylowellJust want to let you and other customers know how entirely disappointed I am in this company.

    My grandmother has been a Sears credit card member since 1968. Over 40 years of a customer to your company. A few days ago she was sent a letter from your company that told her she was no longer wanted as a card holder and that she will not be allowed to have a card any longer. Just in time for the holidays. What a very nice Christmas present you have given her. When your company was called about this they simply gave a "sorry nothing we can do" answer. I really think it was an extremely disrespectful gesture and an awful way to "thank" one of your most loyal and oldest customers. My 88 year old grandmother has been a customer since 1968, and for the past 15 years (at least) Sears is the only place she shopped for things other than groceries. Not only will she never go in your store again, I nor my family won't, and I will make sure that I let her voice be heard through myself since I am her primary caregiver.
    And, for the record, she has always paid her bill on time and even more than the minimum amount each month. So congratulations- you have broken an elderly women's spirit by denying her the one credit card she had and have lost multiple customers forever.
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  • totallytikaaSears is AWFUL, I'm on my third day of waiting for the sears repair man and still have a broken dryer because he was a no show. I guess with less than 2000 followers its obvious that other people feel the same way....SEARS SUCKS
  • totallytikaa@brittanylowell I agree SEARS is awful....spread the word!
  • searsPlease reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter @sears and our customer service team will reach out to you to find a resolution. Thank you!
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