Waiting for Miles the BatKid & Wondering how many 1000s of SF kids living off SNAP/FoodStamps could have been fed from the $$. Join us 11/21 for the SNAP Challenge & Food Security Task Force hearings! #onlyinsf ##sf
  • ericmar415Waiting for Miles the BatKid & Wondering how many 1000s of SF kids living off SNAP/FoodStamps could have been fed from the $$. Join us 11/21 for the SNAP Challenge & Food Security Task Force hearings! #onlyinsf ##sf

  • jordanthompson___He seems to love buying food looking at his instagram wonder how much $$$ he could spare
  • lichkingmetalI don't know why everyone's attacking you. You're not wrong, nor are people celebrating Batkid.
  • bob_p1122You sir are an idiot. Stop thinking about yourself.
  • grapefootAnd of course that money would be used for food stamps instead of, say, flying Jane Kim to Burning Man. So easy and thoughtless of you to say. What a douche.
  • edwadokunSays the guy who makes more in a month than it costs the city today.
  • rubylicioususEnjoying your good foods Eric Mar? Yeah, I'm sure the kids would love to have something to eat.
  • glamourgirl74Jerk, using this as a political platform. It was donated stuff you moron. How about taking a percentage of your big salary to fed the bar areas kids? I didnt think so, douchebag
  • vonayy_415You're a JOKE! A FUCKING JOKE! I just saw you try to back pedal on the news! Piece of shit!!
  • mikeinsfThis comment shouldn't come as a surprise. Anyone familiar with his Board of Education/Board of Supes track record knows he's an idiot. The real shocker is that he's been elected and REELECTED by San Franciscans!
  • recklessboxcarI wonder how many meals could have been provided to the same children for the price of the smartphone being used to take this photo. #entitledprick
  • _tinkermaree_Well I am not OK with all this being done for just 1 Kid !How about a whole skit including several kids who has an illness and wanted to be a super hero , I think it was a whole lot if money waisted as well and I don't care if it was donated , made in the mint this morning , or found in a buried treasure under the sea !! I know a few kids would of loved to been apart of this "great thing that happened today for the lil 1 Guy" my opinion and I'm entitled to give it and so is @ericmar415 and anybody else Who are you too judge him if he voices his opinion
  • pacj201Typical San Francisco liberal. It's always about you and your parties destructive policies. Never once taking time to consider others. I find it amusing you talk about foodstamps when it's your parties fault that we find ourselves in the trouble we are. If you and other democrats truly want to do some good, resign immediately. Oh and to the rest of you commenting on this photo, if you voted for people like Mr. Mar, you are FAR more to blame than he and his cohorts.
  • bramiejimpoor form, picking on batkid. where were you to bitch about the cost of the america's cup?
  • cmkuiperDude did you lose a bet and get forced to make yourself look like a total jackass?
  • nippaliaSACK OF SHIT dont help govern san francisco if you can't even think like a san fraciscan!
  • nonogirlradioThis was a feel good day but @ericmar415 just spoke the feelings many #sf folks have when thinking about funds for public education, affordable housing, healthcare, and more. We all stand behind #sfbatkid but can't forget the battles that everyday San Franciscans wish for each and every day.
  • tredsathomeLooks like San Francisco does not agree with you. Thank goodness"-(((
  • kenbarlowSo many opportunities to complain about excesses in this city and you go after the BatKid. Nice!
  • theinstaclamHey genius, too bad it wasn't tax money. "Richmond District parent/activist" lol. what a joke...hope you paid your PR team nicely for the work they had to do for your Instagram stunt here. You should leave the social media actions to the experts, bud.
  • pgstacomFuck you dude
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