"No more fumbling for my metro card. And out we go!" -- @alice_gao #CommuterWallet
  • otterbox"No more fumbling for my metro card. And out we go!" -- @alice_gao #CommuterWallet

  • otterbox@a_j_f_o_l_t_z_5 Thanks for spreading the word!
  • otterbox@thejohanes We can. We also have Asian otterbox.com websites. Where are you specifically?
  • otterbox@ryeagle02 If you are having issues with the case that you currently have you are welcome to submit a warranty claim for a replacement. Here is the link: bit.ly/warrantyotter
  • otterbox@benburt Not at this time. We'll let you know if that changes.
  • otterbox@benburt We don't have any plans to expand the #CommuterWallet to the S3 at the moment, but we'll let you know if that changes!
  • thejohanes@otterbox I see, I'm in Indonesia 😊
  • otterbox@thejohanes Great! Here is the link to our Indonesia site: bit.ly/otterIndonesia
  • dmoonbeamDo yall have this one with the hidden compartment for the note 11's? If so how much are they?
  • otterbox@goodforah Three cards!
  • otterbox@dmoonbeam We don't have them available for that device at this time. We'll let you know if this changes!
  • dmoonbeamOK thank you, and please do.
  • joneeziaYour are so dumb for getting rid of the iphone 5c preserver
  • jackellzyHello I have a iPhone 5 and a very wimpy case and I like to hunt and do things outside so i am considering a tough case for my phone. But I don't want to spend that much money. Do you have any sujestions or deals for a tough case Thanks. @otterbox
  • grantm0reauGreat now I can loose my credit card and phone at the same time !
  • jackellzy@otterbox ?
  • otterbox@joneezia We're sorry about that. We'll be sure to let you know if we come up with other options for the iPhone 5c.
  • otterbox@jlizzy0 We don't have any sales or coupon codes at the moment, but stayed tuned for deals closer to the holidays!
  • otterbox@dakota_tegeler We're sorry to hear about your phone. Unfortunately there are some variables that we are unable to predict.
  • jackellzyThanks I might get a defender or a lifeproof @otterbox @lifeproof
  • lilystockmanBrilliant. And 👋 Alice! @alice_gao
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