• theory11"The best mindreading illusion I've ever seen." The reviews are in for THE CODE by Andy Nyman. #theory11
  • mada257Awesome!
  • magicman29I bought the effect and to be honest I like it but I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would. It's a great principle but I have my doubts with it
  • magicman29Either way I felt slightly misleads because the "effect" is not as ground breaking as it appears and how the big names were so baffled, baffles me. The method, no so uncommon, the routines however are what make the purchase worthwhile
  • theory11@magicman29 To each his own of course, but definitely recommend using it - often - before making judgment. Naturally, the goal of what we create isn't to impress us magicians - it's to demolish the minds of spectators. I promise - The Code enables you to do just that! - // jb.
  • theory11@52deceptions Awesome! Thank you!
  • theory11@mada257 Incredible reviews from many of magic's best minds - very gratifying to see after so many months of making this happen!
  • magicmk29AMAZING! Brilliant technique.
  • kymctThis system is genius! The code is the way to go, well done Andy!
  • jemonkeyI have never really liked mentalism effects but this looks amazing.
  • misterliangBought it last week and it is just fantastic. The work is simply brilliant. I used it a lot now and everyone who seen it is blown away
  • jimonismPowerful yet amazing mentalism
  • __keithpaulJust bought this so I'm looking forward to it @theory11
  • fedebettiWhat s the difference between this and SUM deck by cardshark???
  • 50shadesoftuckettAwesome trick
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