Lame bloggers should get a life. #writeaboutthat
  • evanturnerLame bloggers should get a life. #writeaboutthat

  • gordygunnzYo big homie my name Gunnz from South Philly. Send me an email address so I can send u sum music. My mom got killed in front of my face as well well as my brother who died in my arms. Can't complain tho cuz that pain is what makes me the best rapper alive. I do it all. Fuck wit me. @evanalmighty12
  • r_burton1126I see you doing your thing bro. Keep grinding. This your year. NBA AllStar this year
  • jermilecampbellEvan im your biggest supporter i use to get mad when you would have 18 points at halftime n doug use to sit u so long in the second half doug was spiteful sittin u so long you got heart man drop fourty on the bucks you a allstar tell orton to go up strong everytime i see he got potential wroten a balla mcw is too
  • paolo_canyougoYou're soft bro. They should keep a stat for all the times you get swatted in the lane #passtherock
  • spicerprWe should talk about some work sir, hope all is well with u bro... Good game @evanalmighty12
  • jermilecampbellGood game evan vs bucks i see orton goin up hard
  • jermilecampbellGo at paul george tonight n keep hollis confidence up tell elliot williams go go at the rim with all them hops
  • conway_sternCan't wait til this bum is traded
  • lil_juanI know this sounds crazy but it would be awesome if you could train me I live I philly PLEASE RESPOND!!! @evanalmighty12 #evan #turner #2014nbaallstar
  • jermilecampbellDrop 40 tonight evan vs orlando
  • ethanmandziukstay in philly evan! @evanalmighty12
  • unkle_baldheadYo...can I come visit fo New Years??
  • cellylaflameYou should get a jumpshot
  • rawwwryIf you followed me it'd make my year
  • spaldingtrnYes you have stay in phily!
  • crai.g.sEvan is @et_clutch u? Or not cause @et_clutch is following me?
  • iamjlsmitWord
  • baseballdemocracyLoser
  • _agq_Nice 👌
  • 23savage45I been watching you put in work bro it's crazy how time flyes them aau days we use to get it in games packed I swear
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