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  • deliasWhat’s it like to be a dELiA*s model? We asked our girls @phoebepojo & @missamandayu #DELIASMODELSEARCH

  • brianna.roseeexciteddddd!(: I have 2 entries but one wouldn't upload to the hashtag.. oh well!💝
  • avasmithyThose girls are so fake.
  • sharonnhong_I wish i could be one
  • klarisssaa_xxI told u @raaachel_f
  • talllli_I know you have a ton of girls wanting to be a model and I am right there with them but If u could plz! Look at some of my photos and comment what u think of me I would Luv it sooo much!! I would Luv to be a model someday so plz consider me!!!😄 my account is @larocastorm
  • sarah.howardI would LOVE to be a Delias Model!!!!!!
  • bethanybacusWow they seem so stupid. Sorry.
  • shaemonikI took my account off private too hashtag #deliasmodelsearch 😁
  • vvhjcdghkjfrgbkkI would love to be a model it's my dream!🌠
  • sav__4Being a Delia's model would be a dream come true. I entered a couple time. Hope to win.♥
  • princess_abigail_11I was never a mold before but I think that's good because it's great to try new things out because it could be something you love to do... Love you all!!!
  • terezandrdfake hahahhaha fake hahahaa omg
  • terezandrd"everyone is so nice" OMG DOES SHE CANT BE MORE FAKE???
  • erin_n_sullivanI'm sure everyone actually is really nice, it's not fake... She was probably asked to say that but it doesn't make her fake it makes her not an actress... And she's not an actress so it's fitting
  • erin_n_sullivanAlso oh my goodness I want to win sooooo bad! Delia's please pick me it would mean the world to me it'd be a dream come true!! I looooove your store and I've always wanted to be a model
  • sararosin_@wasserman_ruthi THE DRESS
  • wasserman_ruthiHahahahaha oh my goooddd @srocks_
  • xx__mila@_sunn_shine_ Ik u love to model u should do this and Delia's has amazing clothes
  • abby.varaI would but I'm not old enough😭@delias
  • phoebepojo@mimijoseph_ tbt
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