Just what you expected?
  • nbaJust what you expected?

  • ellaparisiYour right he is cocky. Thanks for admitting it in the last sentence. And yea your right again. He should be there. And trust me, he's farrrrr from being one of the most "humble men" in the NBA. Smh. @nate_joshua
  • ellaparisiShouldn't*
  • ellaparisiThis must be your life considering you have to type a story to get your point out. Ha @nate_joshua
  • ellaparisiIt's the other way around and the last time I checked you don't even know me so don't tell me what I am. Lebron is a self centered cocky player. Get over it. @nate_joshua
  • ellaparisiI don't have to prove anything because he sucks. Period. Done. Nothing else to explain. And don't call me that
  • ellaparisi@nate_joshua
  • ellaparisiWow your so smart. Psh. You seem like a complete idiot right now.....and it looks like your in college... Haha. Get over it. Your not better than anyone else
  • ellaparisi@nate_joshua
  • ellaparisiThen why don't you act like it and by the looks of it I'm probably more mature then you in the argument. But I'll give you the smarter one. @nate_joshua
  • josephine_porto@nate_joshua Dont listen to these haters first of all if you don't bring FACTS into an argument you're going to lose because opinions are just opinions and they don't mean anything. It's so funny to see teens think they know everything and they're inmortal. @parisi4 you have probably heard this from your high school teachers. One day you'll wake up from wonderland (if you do)
  • josephine_porto@cuban_99 doesn't really look like you're a high school teacher by insulting people. Teachers are supposed to understand and teach students whats rights. you just made yourself look like a little kid because you get mad when people doesn't agree with you. People have their own opinions. And you should know that better than anyone because "you're a teacher" instead of insulting and making racist comments to get your point across you should teach yourself to be a better human being.
  • igorpinhooNot !!
  • joaquiindasilvaGo raptors!
  • backer_boy_24Paul George is not at is peak yet? Or lebron is prolly? @nate_joshua
  • backer_boy_24Oh sorry just had to read it twice sorry @Nate_joshua
  • avas.old.accountBulls all the way! 🏀
  • wonje0530Bucks horrible than the bobcats?
  • fufaayСпартак Санкт-Петербург вас всех! ОУКБ америка
  • __jonathanschwartz__Celtics
  • t.moriarty13Bucks and sixers in the playoffs lmao
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