Love this girl !! @kelliepickler
  • derekhoughLove this girl !! @kelliepickler

  • laurasrmss@19selephant91 it aint. Youre dreaming
  • mooniii3My favorite last season
  • k.m.bennettBefore Kellie, Derek and Nicole were my all time favorite couple. Now it's definitely Derek and Kellie. Their jazz and freestyle routines were at a completely different level in DWTS history. Perfection.
  • beleenytea@laurasrmss lol it was a dig at how you forgot to include the word "not" & you should keep dreaming as well.
  • synapticblimp@joylima34 get a life if u know all these details, plus ur using words u probably don't even know the real meaning of haha! If I'm a moron ur the fly on top of the fecal matter lmao! Again get a life and not live ur life through the celebrities...smh
  • istrive2bfitI hope you win!!! A chunky girl needs to win this show!
  • avalon.2001Kellie Pickler has a insta now?
  • hopehope13Last season was so much better!
  • catricorn_You are the couple that inspired me to take ballroom dance lessons. Perfectly unbelievable performances together!!
  • katvmitchell@dontcallmeviki exactly what I was thinking! No dance has ever brought me to tears like Kellie and Derek's freestyle. Best dance ever, hands down, on DWTS.
  • carriedear12Just love u 2 together
  • missmonicawLucky lucky girl
  • nenos00Cute 😍😄
  • mbird53You were such a beautiful team! Love you both.
  • marchik14She maxinjo ras gavxar ninas sad qonda tvalebi shen ro moewone shen albat cidan chamovardi da asvalts daexetqe magito gaq magnairi maxinji roja maxinjo ixvischuko ver gitan :@
  • aniidaniYou guys are soooo cute 😘
  • devin_arnold414@haylie_gregory
  • ruki_sama_hereSo cute
  • debbie_mema_parrishAwesome. Loved when y'all danced. Wow
  • mittenstinaSomeone is in love with you!
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