6month baby bump. #6months #24weeks
  • mackenzietaymckee6month baby bump. #6months #24weeks

  • tarachiversDo you know her personally? @tifnjohn82354
  • jlamont76#HOT
  • ashley3411R u preggnet again?
  • jolene.kridiotisshe's prego again??
  • alleyhuertaPeople get over it she's married..
  • ariellebrianaaHappy for you 💕
  • meganh__xoOmg Kenzie I didn't know you were pregnant again!! Well at least your married now :) I'm not judging btw, I have a kid as well at 17. Hope your doing good!! ❤️
  • itskenzyyUhm no offense. But people that's not why she's pregnant cause she's a diabetic that's a myth maybe she has something else.... Or maybe you guys are just assuming all the you really don't know. Cause im a diabetic too. And there are many diabetics in the world and you don't see all young diabetics getting pregnant. Not that it's bad that she's getting pregnant. Cause I love her huge fan she's an amazing person but I'm just saying that's not the reason why
  • raiderfans2012Why is everyone so worried about it. Unless your buying diapers and paying her bills , don't trip off it. You all got your own lives. And she's married so what she does is really her own business.
  • _lindsayyyyy_Its her life so who cares. She is a wonderful mother and she don't need everyones negativity, JS!!!!
  • micaaaaaaaaalaEVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.
  • krueger2008I have that same shower curtain!!!
  • tiffstagramm_I love how everyone is fighting and being so negative and krueger2008 is being awesome and just excited about the shower curtain. That's how you're supposed to comment on someone's instagram. Not with hateful words.
  • courtneyjosephine_@krueger2008 i have that shower curtain too lol!
  • georgiinakiingLol them comments ^
  • stbra_@geo_may
  • stbra_Remember her ^^^ think she's from the original teen mom or teen mom 3! She also has baby number 2 now!
  • stbra_@geo_may
  • geo_mayYes I loved her @sarahtayla
  • kimmydennisss@ashley34_pll pregnant*
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