At 7-0, the @pacers hold down the top spot on's Power Rankings.
  • nbaAt 7-0, the @pacers hold down the top spot on's Power Rankings.

  • lluisnutsPacers!! :D
  • jorimSick!!!
  • kingtrell21Still sorry
  • king_____tuneJust beat the heat
  • andres_b_flores@latrell_28 still undefeated so i guess your team is sorry cus they aren't lol
  • xgnjwajjuYeah this is my team now!!! Lol
  • adam_noel218-0 WOWWWWWW!
  • kingtrell21Lol ok @andres_flores13 my team gonna get the 3 peat this year
  • garretteaton20Bandwagon @_brandon_ho_
  • steppjoeGeorge is a monster!
  • mdg36Quest'anno vince indiana...
  • jcaesar711George the next kobe bryant
  • mazolkein@ismaelflores51 diablo pupoo
  • the_croatian_sensation93Legit title contenders. Not too many other teams can say that about themselves right now
  • true_king_charlesBest team ever
  • videogamefreak15Why is Paul George slapping Roy hibberts balls
  • daniisoupFinally pacers start getting the credit they deserve there a way better team than last year with a new fresh bench team. And for all the people that saying Paul George is the only reason were winning he's a big part yes but we wouldn't be making the playoffs with out the defense we have. You have Roy Hibbert who's a fantastic defensive player and a great big man to rely on rebounds for. David west who's aggressive and plays aggressive defense and can fight for any board he can get to. Scola off the bench who's doing fantastic. Cj Watson is good he gets the job done to back up hill. I mean pacers are a good all around team and heat will struggle against there big man bosh,birdman, and oden who hasn't played in years will struggle
  • _cedric_apacers r the real deal
  • lukenotor5Not any more!
  • brady_johnson7Lollipops 🍭
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