#RockRepublic never stops rocking. #Kohls
  • kohls#RockRepublic never stops rocking. #Kohls

  • kittenlove49Put kid stuff on there
  • redsoxgrl22@kohls this is so cute! !!
  • beckystrivia@kohls Want!!!!!
  • olivia.sobaEp, want it!!(:
  • photogbyheart😍👍
  • mommainflipflopsI.love this!!!
  • kelly_z94Is that top available at @kohls ?
  • josie_d_brooksWhy is there not a Kohls where I live?! At least there's a website! Love, btw.
  • sammy_d007D= @kohls needs to come to Canada! I only get to shop there when I go back home... #sadface that top is so gorgeous!
  • kohlsThis Rock & Republic mixed media jacket is in stores and online! To find it on our site, search by the item # 94343996 @xixibabyyy
  • kohls@kelly_z94 It is! It's on Kohls.com as well. Let us know if you need any help tracking it down :)
  • kohlsThanks for being a fan @micarei!
  • kohls@sammy_d007 We miss you! Looking forward to the next time you get to shop with us again <3
  • kohlsThanks for your feedback @kittenlove49 What type of Kohl's items would you like to see more of?
  • mtadayon71@kohls - why not put item codes up right away when posting pics? Someone asked about the shirt - which I'm interested in too but no response? There was another pic you had on here - I was interested in the boots and asked for item number but never got a response...
  • kelly_z94@kohls can u give me the item # thank you!
  • kohlsHi @mtadayon71 Thanks for your feedback! We try our best to answer all our fans, and we are sorry for missing some of your questions! The Rock & Republic tank is item #94375460. What boots were you interested in? We are happy to help!
  • kohls@kelly_z94 Sure! The tank top is 94365460 and the jacket is 94343996. Hope that helps!
  • mtadayon71@kohls - the gray Cardigan w/ flannel shirt & denim outfit you posted w/ the black wedge heeled boots about 8 weeks ago. Could not find the boots - wanted an item #.
  • kohlsOf course! We know the exact boots you speak of @mtadayon71 They are by Unionbay and the item # is 94200835. Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any questions.
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