We are having a yard sale today for charity!
  • kimkardashianWe are having a yard sale today for charity!

  • chloenikoleHow about all of you talking shit get off your phone and off her Instagram and donate to some charities ! 😒 people these days ....
  • jakenochaserCharity? Give them some of your millions. Selfish rich fuckers. Donate 100thousand, I'm sure that won't even make a dent in your bank accounts. Jesus you people..charity, really? Fuck you.
  • kendalllauren_@portraitsofbamborden A+ 🏆
  • marrrrzzzzzShe donates 10% from everything she makes to a different cause each time, she makes thousands so the money she donates has added up, do any of you give up something to donate instead of buying yourself the new iphone or ps4 or the new mk bag? instead of buying your family christmas presents are you going to donate? or are you going to hate on kim? Even if she did it for publicity she still donated, what have you all done? Sit on your ass and complain? Yea she slept with a lot of dudes and they may be fame whores, but you're still on her page even though you're hating, still follow everything she does, what she wears, you're making her richer, she's laughing all the way to the bank, and so what if she's rich, wouldn't we all spoil ourselves if we had her money? She can do what she wants i don't know why you complain if it does not affect your life one bit.
  • nataliethibadort lol ^
  • henny.mackLol^
  • humanincognito@portraitsofbamborden just fuck off her page you little fucker... in that way you won't be updated with the shit she does
  • jakenochaserI'm on here because I actually love Kim. I'm just stating that its funny that they had a yard sale for charity instead of giving them her own money? You got so angry about that. I'm just saying, lmfao
  • loveklassic@portraitsofbamborden on the pic to far riqht it CLEARLY states "all proceeds will be matched & donated.." plz read before statinq ur backwards ass opinions..just sayn!! #MerryChristmas =)
  • jakenochaser@loveklassic you're right. I should of read. But can nobody agree that if it wasn't matched, it would be slightly ignorant. Just considering how much money Kim has. I love all the Kardashians, I was just trying to express that I feel they should just give money, instead of raising it. That's all lol
  • electrafemme@portraitsofbamborden they give tons of money all the time, and newsflash it isn't a crime to earn money. Unlike many a politician and banker, she isn't stealing from anyone, she earned it, she doesn't have to give it away.
  • jakenochaser@electrafemme I know. Everyone can stop now. I'm right about the giving money away part no matter how much you try to defend her idgaf. I know I'm right, so fuck you lol
  • electrafemme@portraitsofbamborden she does give money away you moron? Do you have no reading comprehension skills?
  • jakenochaser@electrafemme lmao yeah whatever.
  • p.oiaPeople get so angry about things that don't even pertain to them. Getting so defensive like they actually know her. High five, @portraitsofbamborden because I was thinking the same exact thing when I saw this photo.
  • hey_imlayWe all have the same 24 hours, why should she give away what she earned, no matter how its earned. She is not ur damn mother lol #getittogether #motivateyourself #makemillionsthatYOUcanjustgiveaway
  • rosie_019Gbnbnjdofgyyhgaeu
  • __jav0n@_heavywater but people also talk shit about things they have no idea about. Goes both ways
  • p.oia@_javoon Okay?
  • ga6bsMarry me
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