It's been a good year
  • nayariveraIt's been a good year

  • gone95@monymoee you are so right about that it's like they can't even move on
  • _deactivated.acc.ount_Woah bi*ch! What's wrong with u? Don't even comment on her photo if u hate her... Such a h8er @tooflamboyant
  • _deactivated.acc.ount_U are a perfect Latina! I love u naya !! Viva Latinas! @nayarivera
  • adorkablegleeI'M SO PROUD OF YOU BABE
  • queenbiffyI can tell xxx
  • cyndubsEven more in 2014!
  • xsilvanarochaRt @isantanalopez
  • xsilvanarochaRt @_onceinalifetime_
  • abrilmbNo, claro que no 😐
  • no.just.noo@dezbot14
  • _nimoe_Its me AGAIN:') 😏🙊😁Glee is my life! No really I mean this!! I want to sing and I wanna be an actress like you. God you are my idol! 🙌its really my biggest dream to meet you one day. I don't even know why I'm writing you this bc you can't do much i just want that you know i Love you so much! You changed my whole life! I can't go a DAY Without watching glee or listening to the music. That all sounds really creepy i know but i mean every word! Please notice me!!! PLEASE.... 🙏I know that you get messages like these at least 1000 times a day but i wont give up till you notice me. You are the reason i still live. Like really! Your singing and acting inspires me and i sometimes even start crying. I cried during the whole episode "the Quarterback" 😭 wow okay thats so weird like what I'm writing this to a Star, but its worth a try.😂✌️❤️ and i really really hope that you will write me back one day!! I'm a gleek since it came up on tv and a Nayaholic since season 2! I'm sure i bother you but.. Yeah haha sorry maybe you read this...🙊❤️
  • _rayah_quotes_Ya I love ya
  • _rayah_quotes_Ur acting is ......WOW and ur singing is ......BEAUTIFUL !! I hope I get to meet u one day ok bye
  • _rayah_quotes_Idk
  • ebbamann_Beautiful
  • alysnicole14Still can't get over the fact that this is Katie's pic! Lol amazing
  • toorad2functionYeah I deff have all of these #fangirling
  • smilleeey@dykstra1 Hahahahahahahaha
  • anaramiroarambilletun poco tonta eres porque en ese año murió Cory pero bue
  • anaramiroarambillethaces todo lo posible por quedar como indiferente a todo y quedar un poco borde o en serio eres tonta y simplemente no piensas como cuando hubo los ataques terroristas en francia y subiste una foto besando la tripa de una embarazada o sea que.
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