Sunday - #SundayFunday #BikingBrooklyn
  • deliasSunday - #SundayFunday #BikingBrooklyn

  • applesegeegsbf@lexiserretti
  • emmahonohanSo pretty💕
  • bayleetisonnnI did the #deliasmodelsearch thing but my account is private so how will u see the pictures?
  • alyssamarieee15@delias how do we know if we win the modeling thing
  • simran.mistry13Hey Delia workers I just wanted to give you background on me: I am very out going. I love to dance sing and act. I love your clothing line I got a lot of culture in me. I am definetly a one of a kind. I can get the hang of things fast. I also know that you are not just looking for a girl who has a pretty face but someone who knows there angles ( which I am capable of) I think I am just what you are looking for. I understand that many girls are competing for this spot but it would truly be an honor to revive this job Love and style, Simran Mistry
  • awwi_bear_01Luv the chevron shirt #chevron
  • whatshouldgohereI love that sweater!!!! 😍
  • bayleerugglesI'm sorry but, I can't take it when I look at Delia's photos and the comments are about how u should b a Delia's model and it's nothing but u saying bad about yourself. We r all beautiful in our own ways. But, look at the models for Delia's. They all look like they r 16 or 17. I love Delia's clothes. Just think being a model is a cool yet dangerous job. Especially if u r modeling for a very well known clothing brand. U r exploiting yourself to tons of people. I'm not saying u shouldn't be a model. It's ur dreams not mine. What I'm trying to say is that saying those comments r annoying but I like how most of the say lots of good what a girl thinks about their self! It's shows how u have confidence in yourself! So please stop with the negative comments about yourself! We r all beautiful in our own ways!
  • lilly__oconnor^^^^^
  • yamell.dlsAmen
  • jayybrumbelowI want to be your model!!!
  • h.moghanniHi@delias
  • whatshouldgohereI love the sweater
  • leah_zeigler123I WANT TO BE THE MODLE SO FRIKEN BAD!!!!!!!!!!
  • courtneyeosborneHER CHEVRON SHIRT 😍 @dancing_unicorn_2
  • brianna.jasselleI have that shirt
  • aso_0051👆
  • juliesurabian
  • meltonashlyn@estrela___
  • kealiemadge_02Love ur outfit
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