Time for my big guitar solo! 
@mikedirntshomies @batmansmom @batmansbeard
  • mikedirntTime for my big guitar solo!
    @mikedirntshomies @batmansmom @batmansbeard

  • evelynroberts@mike_dosxx how are you this cool?
  • agbiersackSexy
  • agbiersackI love You mikeeee !!!
  • agbiersackYou re hot
  • awaylesspiritedWould be perfect for a concert! @mike_dosxx
  • minority103@mike_dosxx Hey you, I miss you! How are you? Buonanotte bello mio ❤️
  • tongue.tiedd:o
  • joy_angeWow! Ahahahah
  • liam177Mike your epic you inspired me to play bass
  • pistolgooYour big in England infact your huge
  • chriskdrumsDear mike, not sure if your gonna respond or not but id like to say a few things. You billie and tre have been my favorite band for about 8 years now and your music never gets old. Ive seen you in connecticut 3 times and each show was better than the last. My point is im a very big green day fan and id like to let you know :) Not sure if you remember or not but chris haskett got you guys signed a drumhead for me from dublin on 6/23/10. I still have it til this day. By the way im a music player myself. I play drums and guitar. Well thats all i wanted to say. It would be cool if youd actually see this and reply :D Your fan, christhemusician
  • n7seawow‼︎ big big🎸
  • maple_neck__99Isn't it too small for you @mike_dosxx ? :D
  • danhelll_xx#Biggest HaHa ! :D
  • akorotkovaalet Green Day welcome to Russia. Together with this guitar: 3 russia loves you:3 @mike_dosxx
  • chatskaya06Let's play! I want to listen!))hah)
  • jordtubHoly shit
  • _f.o.r.e.s.t_Wow
  • yung_breezy_loveYeah but imagine if it was actually a beer. ..... not that I drink
  • yasmin_gbHey mike, i have an important think to ask you. My sister it's going to do 15 year old and in our culture, the girls have to do a big party and spend a night like a princess. But she isn't this kind of girl, we don't have money to do the party she deserves, and she don't have friends enough to do something for her birthday too. My mom and I are working hard to ask the bands she like to do a short video wishing her a happy birthday and send us by my e-mail yasmingbampi@hotmail.com it would be the greatest birthday ever. She really like you, she have a lot of green day pics on her bedroom and wear green day clothes and know all the lyrics of every song. She don't have any idea that I'm asking you for it. Please. Help us.
    Her name is Tayna, she's Brazilian. You can speak English, she will understand you. If you could show on your short video Billie joe, Tré, Jason, or you lovely wife Britt that Tayna love so much, it would be really cool too.
    Thanks if you read it. I hope you help us.
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