• tanimcqueenThe happiest day of my life. Jim Koch did a 28 beer tasting with us. Explained the flavors, aroma and history of each one. His Success stories and plenty of brands that failed and how he improved them and made them better. Fall 7 get up 8. Mad respect for him... He took time out his busy day to meet his new team. :) #idol

  • davveeeedSo awesome
  • iron_ryan_from_mtzionGreat brews lucky
  • xxtenacioustxxThat's so tight! Glad you're having fun boo 😘
  • classicman_mattWhats your favorite of the28?
  • tanimcqueen@sgt_cast on the bottles OMG!!!! #samadams beer #bostonLager is the true beauty. So the limited edition cherry chocolate bock, #cherrywheat mixed with #creamstout .... we call that the black cherry. Hmmm the white lantern was great! Outside of Sam Adams label I loved the curious traveler it's a different line. But when you go out mix 1/2 Lager with 1/2 Angry Orchard And you have a ADAMS APPLE. Delicious.
  • classicman_mattIll be sureto try that! so do you live in Boston now?
  • tanimcqueen@sgt_cast no not at all. I leave back to Cali next week.
  • tessieballThe best city in the world brews the best beer! And w/ my family name no less! Congrats again!
  • tanimcqueenAw :) @tessieball your fam name?
  • tessieballAdams. :) I'm related to John, John Quincy, and Sam (and my fam has been drinking Boston lager since 84).
  • tanimcqueen#30yearsofsam
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